Records Request

Any person may make a public records request for agency records.

The more specific your request, the quicker staff can locate the record in question. 

If you are not aware of the title of a specific record, information such as subject matter, dates, location, persons/issues involved, etc. will help staff to locate any records responsive to a specific request.

You may make a public records request:

  • In person at the Clallam County Sheriff's Office
  • By calling 360-504-1262 and making your request over the phone
  • Using the button below to make an online request. 

Request Public Records button-link

For any individual request, total costs up to and including $10 shall be waived.

 No fee is charged for the inspection of public records (appointment required). 

Not All Records are Public Records

Records contained within an inmate file or medical chart are not public records, and can only be disclosed to the inmate or their authorized representative, or by court order.

Inmate file records, as defined in the  City and County Jails Act (RCW 70.48.100), may be requested through the same routes as public records, and are subject to the same fee schedule.   Additional documentation will be requested proving your legal access to the records.

Medical records are governed by both HIPAA and RCW 70.02, and may be requested in person or by email, and may be disclosed via hardcopy or CD.   Medical records may be faxed if the receiving fax is located in a non-public location but may not be disclosed via email or the online records system.

Jail records are subject to the same fee schedule as public records. 

This agency may not disseminate Washington State and Federal criminal history record information to the public, per RCW 10.97.040. You may inquire at the courts or the WSP Criminal History ID Section (form available on request).