Maps & GIS Information

Assessor Department Parcel/Address Search Program

Access the Property Search website and view details and maps.

Auditor Recorded Documents

Access the Auditor's Recorded Documents, including downloadable PDF format copies of recorded maps, such as plats and surveys.

Clallam County Geospatial Portal

Clallam County Geospatial Portal is the County's one-stop location to access web map services and download geographic data. Web map services available in the portal include:


  • Elections:
    • Interactive web maps displaying County precincts and districts including Voting, Commissioner, District Court, School, Hospital, and Fire;
    • Interactive map showing Ballot box drop off locations;
    • Find my Voting Precinct interactive map.
  • Clallam County Parks:
    • Interactive map that provides links to more information on County owned parks.
  • Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT):
    • Interactive map displaying ODT surface information (i.e. separated trail paved), the Olympic Adventure Trail, and amenities along the trail.
    • Dashboard that allows you to zoom to different amenities. 
    • StoryMap Dashboard User Guide.
  • FEMA Flood Map Update StoryMap.
    • FEMA created to review their update process.  Note FEMA’s update has not been adopted by Clallam County Commissioners as of December 2022.

INTERACTIVE MAPS - Web maps that provide interactive mapping experience and access to GIS data for the following topics:

  • Tax Parcel Map;
  • Multipurpose Map.  Designed to provide access to all GIS layers in one map;
  • Zoning Map;
  • On-Site Septic (OSS) Map;
  • Clallam County Critical Areas;
  • Shoreline Master Program;
  • Preliminary FEMA FIRM Map.  Note this map provides links to view older, adopted FIRM map as well as the preliminary  DFIRMs (not adopted);
  • Dungeness Water Rule Map.

PDF MAP GALLERY - Static maps providing access to:

  • Links to static 36” x 48” displaying current zoning for the four Comprehensive Plan Planning Regions;
  • Tsunami Evacuation and Inundation Maps:
    • Interactive index map with links to detailed evacuation routes;
    • Interactive index map with links to detailed tsunami inundation maps prepared by Washington State DNR.
  • Index interactive map to access static FIRM maps.
    • Note page also provides links to FEMA Flood Map StoryMap and a link to Preliminary FEMA interactive map.

DOWNLOADABLE DATA - Links to download and view GIS data for:

  • Tax Parcels;
  • Zoning;
  • Voting Precincts;
  • Streams and Lakes;
  • Contours.
  • NOTE: 
    • Metadata for the individual layers is available after clicking on a layer;
    • Layers can be visualized and shared on an interactive map;
    • Links provide access to REST endpoints;

All layers in Washington State Plane, FIPS Zone 4601, NAD 1983 HARN, US Foot.