Animal Control

About Animal Control

Covering 1752 square miles of Clallam County, Animal Control provides quality enforcement pertaining to public safety, animal control, and animal welfare.

Animal Control investigates animal abuse and responds to a variety of citizen requests for service. Services include leash law enforcement, regulating barking dogs, regulating vicious/dangerous dogs, animal licensing, rabies control, and bite quarantines.

Animal Control: Why the Need?

People: Animal problems begin with pet owners who:

  • let their pets roam free;
  • fail to observe laws and ordinances; and
  • allow their pets to have unwanted litters

Being a responsible pet owner is good for your pet and community.

Animal Licensing

Dog and cat licenses are sold at the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society. Please contact the Humane Society at 360-457-8206 for licensing information.

Common Violations

  • Inflicting a bite on a human or animal (except poultry, rabbits, and cats that are allowed to roam off their owner’s property);
  • Running at large.
  • Not being under control while off the owner’s property.
  • Entering any place where food is stored, prepared, served, or sold to the public, or any public building or hall. This section shall not apply to any dog serving the blind or deaf; or dogs used by armored car services, private security companies, or law enforcement agencies.
  • Being accessible to other dogs, while in heat, for purposes other than controlled or planned breeding.
  • Chasing, running after, or jumping at vehicles using public roadways.
  • Snapping, growling, snarling, barking in a threatening manner, jumping upon, chasing, or otherwise threatening persons while the dog is not restrained and is off the property of the owner.
  • Howling, yelping, whining, barking, or making other noises in such a manner as to disturb any person or groups of persons to an unreasonable degree except that working dogs as defined in section 17.01.015 are exempted.
  • Entering upon another person’s property without the authorization of that person.
  • Being kept, harbored, or maintained and known to have a contagious disease unless under treatment of a licensed veterinarian.
  • Running in packs while off the owner's property.
  • Damaging or destroying the property of another person, including destroying wildlife that has purposefully been attracted to the person’s property.
  • Being staked, tethered, or kept on public property for longer than one hour without the prior consent of the Animal Control Officer.
  • Injuring or killing any poultry, rabbits, or cats that are on their owner’s property.

For a complete copy of all animal ordinances, please check county code Chapter 17, Animals.

Olympic Peninsula Humane Society

Please contact the Humane Society at 360-457-8206 for other questions. The Humane Society is located at:
1743 Old Olympic Highway
Port Angeles, WA 98362