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Many Clallam County public records are readily available online or are processed by Departments or agencies other than the Public Records Office. Some common records that are not processed by the Public Records Office are below.

How to access ...

  1. Birth and Death Certificates

To obtain a birth certificate, complete the Washington State Certified Birth Certificate Application and return the form to the Clallam County Health & Human Services Office. 

For Washington State certified death certificates which are available for deaths occurring in Clallam County after June 2012, complete the Clallam County Certified Death Certificate Application and return the form to the Clallam County Health & Human Services Office. 

The Clallam County Health & Human Services Office is located at 111 East 3rd Street in Port Angeles, WA. Visit the HHS website for more information:

Birth and Death Certificates can also be ordered online from the Washington State Department of Health. Please visit their website for more information:

Autopsy reports are available directly from the Clallam County Coroner. You do not need to submit a public records request. Please contact the Clallam County Coroner directly at (360) 565-2611.

  1. Budget Records
  1. Clallam County Code & Charter
  1. Court Records
  1. Jail Records
  1. Maps / GIS Resources
  1. Marriage and Divorce Records
  1. Meeting Agendas, Minutes, etc.
  1. Property and Permit Records
  1. Recorded Documents

File a public records request:

Clallam County uses NextRequest to track and respond to Public Records Requests.

To submit a request to the County, please use our Public Records Center, email the Public Records Office, or call 360-417-2234. 

To request records from the Clallam County Sheriff's Office, please use the Public Records Center, visit the Clallam County Sheriff's Office in person, or call 360-417-2432.

You can find our Public Records Policy (PDF) here.

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Other records, forms, & public documents

Many other online forms and documents can be found throughout this website. If you are unable to find the form or document you seek, visit the web page for the department involved, or contact the appropriate office.