Community Policing

About Community Policing

The Clallam County Sheriff’s Office is committed to Community Policing through partnerships with the citizens and businesses in the County. The basic concept of Community Policing is to bring together law enforcement and the public to work as a team in an effort to improve the community in which we all live. Community policing is an effective and proactive process which has proven to reduce crime, improve communication between the public and law enforcement as well as reduce the fear of crime.

Our Community Policing Team is led by the Community Policing Services Coordinator and an amazing cadre of volunteers who donate thousands of hours each year to the Sheriff’s Office. We have an active Neighborhood Watch program in Clallam County which is extremely successful thanks to our volunteers who dedicate their time and efforts to the citizens of Clallam County. Working in close partnership with the Department of Community Development (Code Enforcement), our Community Policing Team has made a significant impact on the quality of life for many of Clallam County’s residents.

Anonymous Tips - Report Suspicious Activity (CrimeNet™)

CrimeNet is a database designed to allow individuals to report suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Office. We’ve had a number of reports generated through CrimeNet and it’s served as a useful tool for those who don’t feel they can or don’t want to call the Sheriff’s Office to report criminal activity.

Check out the Anonymous Tip form or Contact Community Policing Services Coordinator at 360-417-2262 for more information.

Drive to Survive

The Driving 101 Traffic Safety Project is a community-based effort to improve safety through education, engineering and law enforcement. The project covers a 32-mile segment of U.S. Highway 101 between Laird's Corner and the east Clallam County line with Jefferson County.

Map Your Neighborhood

Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) is a ninety-minute class organizing neighborhoods to respond in the first hour of a disaster when lives can be saved by quick action. Courses are taught in your neighborhood and we supply the trainer and materials. Since this program was launched in June of 2007, more than 700 citizens have been trained and know what to do immediately to assist their neighbors.

Because of our geographic isolation, it is important to organize our neighborhoods into a small response team structure and teach our citizens how to be prepared for any disaster. By doing so, we directly strengthen our neighborhood resources and support the community.

Schedule training for your neighborhood today and know what steps to take to survive in a disaster. Contact Emergency Management to receive more information and to schedule an event for your neighborhood by phoning 360-417-2483.

Radar Trailer

The Clallam County Sheriff’s Office Radar Trailer is placed on streets and subdivisions to reduce speeding. The radar trailer is a self-contained speed display unit, designed to promote speed awareness. The trailer uses a radar unit to determine the speed of vehicles approaching or driving away from the unit. That speed is displayed on the front of the trailer, along with a speed limit sign, showing the speed to that road.A gray vehicle drives past the radar trailer.

The volunteers with the Sheriff’s Office utilize the Block watch vehicle to place the trailer in the designated areas. This is another vital function that our volunteers perform.

To request the radar trailer in a specific area, contact the Community Policing Services Coordinator at 360-417-2262.