Patrol Division

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About the Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is responsible for proactive police patrols in all unincorporated areas of Clallam County. Patrol deputies respond to Calls for Service (CFS) made by citizens in need of police assistance and activity seeking out crime and traffic offenders. Deputies in this division also serve in several specialized positions including Boating Safety Deputy, and with the Search and Rescue Team (SAR). The Division is dedicated to the principles of Community Oriented Policing and believes that modern policing depends upon the cooperative efforts of the entire community.

The Patrol Division is commanded by a Chief Criminal Deputy and is staffed with five (5) sergeants and twenty-two (22) deputies. The Division is responsible for the entire breadth of the county so the division mans three detachment offices located in Beaver, Clallam Bay, and Sequim as well as staffing the main office located in the county courthouse in Port Angeles. The Division answers about 18,000 Calls for Service (CFS) a year and drives more than 500,000 miles per year responding to the needs of our citizens.

Boating Safety Officers

These specially trained deputies patrol our freshwater lakes during the summer months to assist recreational boaters and to assure that safe boating procedures are practiced by all. They utilize a small fleet of watercraft that includes a 28-foot twin engine cruiser, a Boston whaler outboard, and a rigid hull inflatable wave runner. They also provide safety and security for various civic and private events such as hydroplane races, fishing derbies, and the Port Angeles 4th of July fireworks.

Search & Rescue (SAR) Team

The Patrol Division provides supervision and manpower to SAR. This highly trained group of dedicated volunteers conducts numerous SAR missions on behalf of our citizens. The SAR members maintain a resourceful website.


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