Scheduling an Inspection:

  • Inspection Hotline (24 hours): (360) 417-2518
  • You must schedule each inspection by calling at least one day in advance, or before 7:30 am on the day you wish the inspection
  • A $75 reinspection fee could be assessed if you request an inspection and are not ready, or if your plans and/or permit are not on jobsite
  • Inspection routing is posted at 9:00 am and can be accessed by calling the inspection hotline

Inspection Types and Requirements

  • The following is a list of common inspections, tests, and checks that may be required during the construction of a building 
  • Job specific required inspections are listed on the back of the permit and additional requirements are listed on the front of the permit
  • For a more detailed (but not comprehensive) list of inspections, please see our Inspection Checklist (PDF)


  • Call for footings and wall inspections after the forms are up and the reinforcing steel is in place
  • Separate inspections are required if footings and walls are poured separately
  • Be sure footings are placed directly on undisturbed ground
  • You must comply with setbacks as described on the approved plot plan
  • Property lines must be identified by owner or contractor


  • Call for plumbing inspections before framing inspection or at the same time
  • A water or air test is required on all drainage, waste, and vent pipes, except that plastic pipe shall not be tested with air. The test must be left on until inspection is complete.
  • Water lines are tested with existing water pressure or 50 psi air test with a gauge
  • Shower pan is inspected by filling with water, and must be completed prior to tile work
  • Fire sprinkler system piping, if applicable, would be inspected under a separate permit


  • Call for mechanical inspections after furnace and ducts are in
  • Permits and inspections are required for new installation of wood burning stoves and heaters, and on the chimney/vent/appliance clearances

Framing / Airseal:

  • Call for framing inspections after plumbing and electrical systems are approved and before interior walls are insulated or covered 
  • Call Washington State Electrical Inspector for electrical inspections (316-417-2700) (1605 E Front Street, Port Angeles)
  • Building must be weathertight
  • Fireplace and woodstove chimneys must be complete
  • Bath and kitchen vent ducting must be installed
  • Seismic straps and shear wall nailing pattern prior to siding installation
  • Seal penetrations in bottom and top plates, electrical outlet boxes, door and window frames and other envelope openings 


  • Insulation inspection and vapor barrier
  • Signoffs may occur throughout the building process
  • Insulation certificate (if applicable) to be with building permit
  • Energy credit compliance


  • Drywells will be inspected in conjunction with another building inspection before being covered and must be complete by the final inspection

Pre-Final Inspection:

  • Prior to calling for a final inspection contact:
    • Environmental Health Department at 360-417-2506 for septic final approval 
    • Public Works Department at 360-417-2379 for drainage final approval

Final Inspection:

Manufactured Homes:

  • Foundation inspection
  • Call for inspection after plumbing is hooked up, and anchors and blocking are complete, and once cross-over ducting is connected
  • Call for final inspection after skirting is installed and decks and landings and steps are complete
  • Manufactured Home - Final Inspection Checklist (PDF)


  • Your building permit is good for two years as long as work is progressing
  • Renewals may be available (CCC 21.01.110).