Building Permits

When Is a Building Permit Required?

When Is a Building Permit NOT Required?

  • A building permit is not required for the following residential structures:
    • Single-story detached structures used as tool and storage sheds, playhouses and similar uses - under 400 square feet of floor area, 6 feet away from existing buildings, and classified as "U" occupancies. 
    • Fences not over 7 feet high.
    • Retaining walls under 4 feet without a surcharge.
    • Uncovered decks that are 30 inches or less above grade at the edge of the deck and 3 feet beyond.
    • Prefabricated, above grade swimming pools, less than 24 inches deep and under 5,000-gallon capacity.


  • Planning Department and Plan Review fees are due at time of application submittal
  • State Building Code and Building Permit fees are due prior to permit issuance
  • Fee Schedule (PDF)
  • Payment Methods:
    • Cash 
    • Check - Payable to Clallam County