Signs may be erected, placed, established, painted, created or maintained in the County only in conformance with the standards, procedures, exemptions and other requirements of Chapter 33.57 CCC.  A sign permit is required unless the sign is designated as exempt. The size of the sign will be dictated by the zone in which the posting property resides.  Contact the Clallam County Planning Department for further information.

Requirements for Applying for a Permit: 

  • Completed Sign Application (PDF)
  • Detailed Scaled Site Plan 
  • Structural Drawings - 2 copies
    • Minimum 11" x 17" drawings scaled at 1/4" per 1' to include:
      • Foundation and Framing
      • Elevations - all four directions
      • Structural Cross Sections and Details
  • Structural Calculations stamped by Washington State Licensed Engineer and/or Architect (if applicable) - 2 copies  
  • Proof of Ownership (if applicable)
  • Additional Requirements to Obtain a Permit (if applicable): 
    • Proof of Potable Water
    • Current Septic System (if applicable)
    • Proof of sewer connection (if applicable)
    • 911 Address
    • Road Approach Permit (if applicable)
    • Drainage Plan
    • If your site is near a water body or other critical area, special conditions may apply.
    • Electrical permits are required and issued by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.
    • When property is jointly owned or owned by others, letters from all owners must be submitted indicating project approval.