Trust Lands Advisory Committee (TLAC)

The Trust Lands Advisory Committee term expired on December 31, 2016. This Group no longer holds meetings.

Agendas & Minutes


The Trust Lands Advisory Committee reviewed and analyzed the history, issues, benefits, challenges, and advantages of the re-conveyance of trust lands to Clallam County and if found to be in its best interest, recommended such action as may be required to effect this change in the management of these properties. If not in the greater interest of the County to seek re-conveyance, the Committee was tasked to provide guidance to ensure a continual engagement with the Department of Natural Resources and how it is promptly and adequately fulfilling its Trust Land objectives to Clallam County, its taxing districts, and its citizenry.

The Committee addressed:

  • State Forest Board Lands (County Trust Lands): what they are, how they were obtained, where they are located, type of land, any restrictions
  • Trust land management and duties
  • Trust revenue: How it is generated, received by the County, and disbursed
  • Habitat Conservation Plan: Its relevance to State Forest Board Lands and impacts on the question of re-conveyance; etc.
  • Re-conveyance: Requirements, likelihood, obligations County would assume, additional staff requirements
  • Next steps if re-conveyance is not in the best interest of the County

Reference Documents


The Trust Lands Advisory Committee term expired on December 31, 2016. This Group no longer holds meetings.

  • Joseph Murray, Chair
    Society of American Foresters
  • David Bekkevar
    District I
  • Robert Lea, Vice Chair 
    District II
  • Kenneth Reandeau
    District III
  • Rod Fleck, Secretary 
    City of Forks
  • Michael Merideth
    City of Port Angeles
  • Connie Beauvais
    Port of Port Angeles
  • Kyle Blum
    Department of Natural Resources
  • Cynthia Bork
    Environmental Groups
  • Coleman Byrnes
    Olympic Peninsula Audubon Society
  • Jason Cross
    North Olympic Timber Action Committee (NOTAC)
  • Mike Doherty
    Clallam County Democrats
  • Tom Swanson
    Clallam County Republicans
  • Cindy Kelly
    Clallam County Granges
  • Ben Pacheco
    Junior Taxing Districts
  • Josey Paul 
    North Olympic Group of the Sierra Club
  • Diana Reaume
    School Districts
  • Susanne Scott
    League of Women Voters
  • Toby Thaler
    Olympic Forest Coalition
  • Darryl Wolfe
    Olympic Medical Center

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