Board of County Commissioners


  • Work Session, 9 am, Mondays
  • Regular Meeting, 10 am, Tuesdays
  • County Courthouse
    223 East 4th Street, Room 160
    Port Angeles, WA 98362

Board of County Commissioners of Clallam County

The Board of Commissioners is responsible for providing the legislative and executive functions of County government. Legislative functions are accomplished at meetings of the Board by adopting ordinances, policies, or resolutions that set public policy and guide government functions. The Board is also responsible for most executive functions of County government. The Board and/or County Charter has delegated many executive functions to the County Administrator. The following links provide information on how citizens may participate in the legislative process of Clallam County government.

The Board of Commissioners meets in Room 160 at 10 am on Tuesdays. Citizens are invited to attend these meetings and participate by presenting an issue or concern or by speaking during a public hearing. For information concerning meeting procedures, contact the Clerk of the Board in the Commissioners' Office. Occasionally, the Commissioners may recess to an Executive Session that is closed to the public. During these Sessions, the Commissioners are restricted by law to only discuss limited items of business, such as personnel matters, property acquisition and disposition issues, and legal advice related to litigation.

The public is also invited to observe the Board's work sessions regularly held on Mondays beginning at 9 am. If the Monday is a holiday, the session is held on Tuesday beginning at 9 am or 8:30 am depending on the number of items. These meetings are designed to brief the Commissioners to make decisions on local issues. Occasionally, an outside expert or a representative from another agency may present information to the Board. Public comment is not typically taken during work sessions.

Agendas and packets for the work session and regular meeting are posted to the web on the Thursday evening prior to the next scheduled meetings. The regular meeting agenda contains a calendar listing meetings or events where two or more Commissioners may be present.

Agendas, Minutes, and Archived Recordings

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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  1. Mark Ozias

    Mark Ozias

    Clallam County Commissioner, District 1

  1. Photo of Commissioner Johnson

    Randy Johnson

    Clallam County Commissioner, District 2

  1. Photo of Commissioner French

    Mike French

    Clallam County Commissioner, District 3

Clallam County 2022/2023
Vision/Mission Statement

The Vision of the Clallam County team is to maintain and comprehensively advance our quality of life through responsible and effective development of trust in local governmental operations. 

This Vision is realized through the following Mission objectives:

  1. Putting the translated desires of our residents into action through effective communication
  2. Providing comprehensive and exemplary public service levels in a prompt responsive manner
  3. Maximizing and enhancing our environmental resources for sustainability and legacy expectations
  4. Celebrating the diversity and inclusiveness of our residents’ contributions to our quality of life

Our resident’s love of the North Olympic Peninsula is best described through the historic Native American term, “Klallam” (English spelling Clallam) which translates to “Strong People,” which reflected a lifestyle desire to co-exist in a beautiful unique, scenic, and rugged Northwest landscape. The county remains a beacon for visitors seeking an unparalleled rural and unspoiled experience as evidenced through its main attraction, The Olympic National Park.

Clallam County 2022/23
BOCC Goals

 As a result of previous ongoing work sessions and general meeting discussions, a number of pre and post pandemic central theme projects have been identified and are moving forward in implementation stages in response to ongoing budgetary goal prioritization. The following listed Goals are specified for measurement and time frame completion within the 2022/23 and forward budget years and will be phased throughout this year and into succeeding years based on the complexity and time frames. As evidenced by the rapid change associated with our local, regional, national, and global environment, we are continuing to move forward with a continuous re-evaluation forecasting process of both macro and micro trends and events impacting our county.

The following ten listed 2022/23 Goals, and their progress notes (developed through the Trend and Event strategic forecasting process), can be re-prioritized moving forward through work session discussion. The additional supplemental listing below has been developed through interviews with each Commissioner and are presented for work session review and prioritization moving forward. Additional space is provided for additional trend and event concepts as developed in work session.

 2022/23 Goals 

  1. The continuation of the Clallam County Strategic Planning Process with the identification of an organizational Vision Statement, Mission Statement and supporting Strategic Initiatives toward identified Goals and future development. This initiation process (Phase 1) involves identification of internal and community input groups in the development the Phase 1 process. Initiation of micro and macro trends and events through the national Strategic Foresight collaboration project will be instrumental in this developmental step. 
  2. The continuation of Phase 1/2 in the initiation and development of the Dungeness off channel reservoir inclusive of initial funding and land acquisition. The completion of an associated cultural resources inventory and an engineering/design study for project development inclusive of input on county park possibilities. 
  3. Design and study for the relocation of the Clallam County Emergency Operations/Dispatch Center. Coordination with the City of Port Angeles on site selection and construction will continue through 2023.  
  4. Implementation of the Clallam Bay sewer development project with ongoing analysis and funding requirements. 
  5. Development of an evaluation model on timber funding which specifically identifies the parameters and revenues for all parties and junior taxing districts involved. The maintenance of current revenue dollars while securing commitment from funding sources in accordance with established rules. 
  6. Ongoing land acquisition and planning for development and buildout of the Olympic Discovery Trail in the west end of the county. 
  7. Implementation of the rural broadband development project for initial delivery. 
  8. Completion of an internal fiscal analysis of all levels of revenue stream development. 
  9. Completion of structured Employee development/Transition plan inclusive of educational benchmarks and transition training times for specified positions. 
  10. Organizational shift in addressing the internal and community based COVID-19 pandemic follow-up. 

Clallam County 2022/2023
BOCC Trend/Event Development

In accordance with the BOCC’s previously discussed desires to comprehensively advance the quality of life in Clallam County through effective government operations, a continued and ongoing evaluation of the critical benchmark measurement areas of social, environmental, economic, and technological impacts has been developed and evaluated throughout each budget cycle.

The calendar years 2019 through 2022 historical review certainly tested the limits of the previous cycle evaluations of strategically forecasted Trends and Events within the BOCC planning process and thoroughly demonstrated the critical need for such evaluation and preparation process moving forward. 

The BOCC initially developed a nine-part objectives document as a result of identifying and prioritization those Trends and Events experienced or projected as a possibility of impacting our county as a whole. Additional objectives have been developed through the Trend and Event analysis as presented.

Significant progress has been recognized within all of the initial identified areas and a measured advancement moving forward is expected within each category.

 As in any ongoing comprehensive process, we are again, in 2023, reviewing our four evaluative areas of analysis and flagging those issues that will have a strong possibility of impacting county quality of life in the future, specifically within the next 24 months.

 Initial input from individual Commissioner’s has been sought in evaluating existing objectives and developing emerging issues in preparation for this discussion. Board input and prioritization for direction to Administration will be required to formulate the existing and desired objectives moving forward. As required in previous budget submittals, each county department, on a micro level, has submitted those Trends and Events they feel are or will impact their operations in the upcoming cycle.


Clallam County 2022/2023

(Circumstances in which activity represents ongoing change which increases or decreases over time) - Not Listed by Priority


  1. Increasing trend for higher maintenance and system failures associated with aging private water systems. In which the result, in the case of default, the responsibility of the systems falls upon the county to develop and oversee future system functionality. 
  2. Privatization and/or consolidation of private water systems in which corporate use of user fees can be used to support out of county facilities within the same network. 
  3. Increased cyber security threats to public and private networks (ransom ware) creating disruption of services, theft and destruction of data and litigation/insurance costs. 
  4. Increased medical, social, and economic impacts with the rise of the homeless population. 
  5. Emergent dependence on GIS tracking information and data gathering for environmental and safety requirements. 
  6. Advancing economic broadband development planning and implementation countywide. 
  7. Increasing environmental awareness, resource efficiencies and requirements associated with those factors identified with human development, increase in population and maintenance of living standards. 
  8. Increased need for citizen participation in community boards and committees. 
  9. Advanced and increased use of technological communication services. 
  10.  Continuing advancement in transparency and integrity of the election process vial technology and communication outreach.  
  11. Tracking and adjustment of public health efforts due to increased priority transcending the pandemic. 
  12.  Increased focus and attention on the scope and range of diversity efforts nationwide.


Clallam County 2022 

(An impactful occurrence or happening) - Not Listed by Priority


  1. Resurgence of pandemic associated variants on a macro to micro scale impacting economic, medical technology and social systems. 
  2. Environmental initiated event (earthquake, storms, flooding). 
  3. Human initiated event (terrorism, operator error, computer initiated, biological/medical event). 
  4. State legislation and/or mandates impacting financial capacity of county operations.