Youth Court

Youth or Teen Court is a Diversion Court that utilizes volunteers in grades 7 to 12. Teen Court is intended to give teens the opportunity to weigh the effects of criminal behavior in their community and have a voice in determining the community's response to that behavior. Teen Court participants deal with issues regarding rights and responsibilities, decision-making and restorative justice in a diverse society and the role of citizens in the Juvenile Justice System.

Teen Court cases include misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor crimes. It is a court of accountability and founded upon the conviction that teens are capable of responsibly representing community interests, defending offenders, and sentencing their peers. It is one of three courts in the State of Washington that is entirely run by youth.

Teen Court youth volunteers are locally trained through the Prosecutor's Office and Juvenile Services. They attend training each year at Seattle University Law School. All youth belong to a State and National Youth Court Association.