Special Offender Supervision

Probation Counselors also supervise juvenile offenders sentenced by the court under special sentencing options. First-time sex offenders who are evaluated as amenable to treatment and a reasonable community risk may be sentenced under the Special Sex Offender Disposition Act (SSODA), which requires they register as sex offenders and submit to DNA identification and HIV testing. Conditions imposed under this program usually include twenty-four months of community supervision, ongoing professional sex offender counseling or therapy and tracker services through the COSEP program, and electronic monitoring. Youth who otherwise may be facing commitment to the State Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration (JRA) may be sentenced to an extended period of community supervision under an Option B Program. Special counseling and tracker services are also available to these youth. Probation Counselors also provide mediation, conflict resolution and other counseling services to clients and their families. They also coordinate the provision of support services for a variety of available community resources.