Shellfish & Surface Water Quality

Clallam County's Environmental Health Services oversees water quality monitoring, protection, and restoration projects with the goal of making our community safe, clean, and with good quality of life. Clallam County has profuse quantities of natural resources, including approximately:

  • Fern and Water860 miles of Type 1 and 2 rivers and streams, and many more miles of smaller waterways
  • over 50 lakes, 11 of which can be publicly fished
  • 254 miles of shoreline
  • 25 beaches available for recreational shellfish harvesting
  • 5.5 million pounds of commercial seafood harvested in 2008

Many of the waters within the county are managed by Olympic National Park, State Ecology, Tribal governances, various other management teams, and combinations thereof. Clallam County Environmental Health frequently works with these partnerships.