Current PIC Focus Area

Our Current Focus

Based on trends monitoring of the watershed, the Golden Sands Slough, Meadowbrook Slough, and Meadowbrook Creek were chosen as the focus area for the pilot phase of this project. The focus area for the next phase, or "Phase 1 implementation" was in the Lower Matriotti and Lotzgesell Creek area. We began our "Phase 2 Implementation" in late 2019, and the focus area is the Upper Matriotti Creek area and Bell Creek.

PIC Focused Area 2019For maps of sampling sites and results from testing, see the following links:

Environmental Health, in coordination with PIC Partners, is studying parcel records, requesting site visits, conducting water quality sampling, and beginning to work with property owners to improve and protect water quality in the Upper Matriotti / Bell Creek areas as impacts from COVID-19 allow. We are also continuing previous work in the greater PIC project area.