Recreational Shellfish

Shellfish Regulations

Shellfish regulations are enforced by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). Refer to their shellfish page for the most up-to-date information. An extensive pamphlet is available online as a free download, which contains everything you need to know before harvesting. WDFW also has an excellent Recreational Shellfish Harvest video that serves as a shellfishing 101 crash course. The video includes how to dig for and where to find various species of shellfish.

Shellfish Harvesting Safety

Be aware of beach pollution and biotoxin status before harvesting! Always check the DOH Shellfish Safety Map the morning of before going out to harvest. It contains the most up-to date information about shellfish harvesting closures. Please also review our information on shellfish and biotoxins to prevent poisoning related to ingesting affected shellfish.Shellfish Harvesting

Beaches closed for recreational shellfishing will also have signs posted on site for public education of health hazards. Not all species are restricted at all times, so become familiar with different species to be able to identify species that are safe for harvest.

Tides are tracked for public safety and convenience. Be sure to check for low tide before gathering shellfish, which is the best time to harvest.

Recreational Shellfish Harvesting Contacts and LinksClams Drawing

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