Six Year Transportation Improvement Program


The Six Year Transportation Improvement Program is an important tool which agencies, such as Clallam County, use to schedule the funding of upcoming transportation projects. The County's program is updated every year as previous projects are completed and as new projects come into the budgeting horizon. The program includes "new" construction only and does not include maintenance activities. The program includes only transportation projects under the jurisdiction of the County Road Department, such as county road projects, county trail projects, and county bridge projects. State, city, and other agency projects are not included on the program except in the case where they are being administered by the county.

The Six Year Transportation Improvement Program, often referred to as the Six Year TIP, is required by RCW 36.81.121. A copy of the Six Year TIP is required to be filed with the Washington State Department of Transportation. At the state level, local Six Year TIPs are combined to create a statewide TIP. Also at the state level, Six Year TIPs are used by the County Road Administration Board (CRAB) and by the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) to determine which projects are eligible for their respective funding programs. The statewide TIP is also used to track upcoming expenditures of federal money intended for transportation projects.

2024-2029 Six Year Transportation Improvement Program

2023-2028 Six Year Transportation Improvement Program

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