Mobile Home Move Permits

Moving an Existing Manufactured Home

If you intend to move an existing manufactured home from one location to another, a Tax Certificate for Mobile Home Movement is required and must be issued prior to your move date, by the Clallam County Treasurer's Office.

Per RCW 46.44.170, certificates are required for licensed movers to relocate manufactured homes from one property to another (within or outside of Clallam County).

Taxes must be paid in full for the year in order for a Certificate to be issued for moves within the County.

Any moves outside the County, require an advance tax be collected in addition to the current year taxes.

Information needed to complete your application:

  • Is the move within Clallam County;
  • Know the current location and where it is moving to (parcel number/address);
  • Make, year, size and serial number of the manufactured home;
  • Movers DOT Permit and WUTC numbers

Please complete the Tax Certificate for Mobile Home Move (DOCX) and call our office for an appointment to complete the processing of your placards.