Septics 201

Begin the Online Septics 201: Do-It-Yourself Septic System Inspection registration and certification process.

Kelly Andy Septics 201Do You Know

  • The Washington State Regulations regarding septic system inspection frequency requirements?
  • What kind of septic system you have and how often it must be inspected?
  • How to find your septic system and how to take care of it?
  • How to safely inspect your own septic system?
  • How to tell when your septic tank needs to be pumped?
  • How to submit a record of your septic system inspection online?

This Online Course Is Designed for Homeowners Who

  • Have already taken the Septics 101 course
  • Have access to a high-speed internet connection
  • Currently have a single-family residential onsite septic system and wish to learn how to maintain it themselves
  • Wish to build their own septic system inspection tools and learn how to use them
  • Feel comfortable following a written instruction manual and safety procedure guide

The online Septics 201 DIY course and materials are best accessed using a high-speed internet connection. This online class consists of a 25-minute-long video divided up into 10 short chapters followed by an exam. Homeowners must complete the exam and answer at least 80% of the questions correctly to become certified to inspect their own septic system. Once certified, homeowners will be able to submit their inspection records to the County using the online reporting form provided on the Certified User page. Alternatively, contact Environmental Health DIY Staff for a PDF version of the Homeowner DIY Septic Inspection Checklist.

Clallam County requires Septics 101 as a prerequisite for this course.

Note that not all septic system types will be eligible for Homeowner DIY Inspections.

For more information about system eligibility requirements for this program please read the Summary of Inspection Requirements informational page. If you live in the Marine Recovery Area (MRA), your septic system must have a current professional inspection on file before you are able to proceed with Homeowner DIY certification in Clallam County.

DIY_bannerSeptics 201 Registration & Certification

Begin the Online Septics 201: Do-It-Yourself Septic System Inspection registration and certification process. Please follow the detailed instructions available on the new DIY inspection web page and use the contact Environmental Health DIY Staff links if you encounter any difficulties. You will not be able to register in the Septics 201 program if your system does not meet ALL of the requirements.

In-Person Septics 201 classes are scheduled for users with limited internet access. For more information please visit our OSS Homeowner Classroom Education page. Continued offering of in-person Septics 201 classes will depend on the availability of funding and staff.

If you have any questions about the Septics 201: Do-It-Yourself Septic System Inspection Program or the in-person Septics 201 classes please contact Environmental Health DIY Staff for more information.