Septics 101

In-person Septics 101 classes are scheduled as funding is available.  Septics 101 available Online through the DOH Homeowner Education page.

Kelly Septic 101 IntroDo You Know

  • How a septic system works and why a septic system is needed?
  • How to find your system and take care of it?
  • Why you have to take care of your system?
  • What are the different types of septic systems?
  • What determines which one you get?
  • Why you might not be able to keep the kind you've had for years?
  • How come your neighbor's is different?
  • How much it will cost?

These Classes Are Designed for People Who

  • Currently have onsite septic systems
  • Think they might have an onsite septic system one day
  • Are just curious about onsite septic systems
  • Plan to complete Septics 201 DIY homeowner training class online and wish to meet the pre-requisite requirement

Each in-person class is a two-hour overview of how septic systems work, and how to monitor and maintain them. In-person classes feature Environmental Health staff and local onsite professionals. Alternatively, the Septics 101 video is now also available online at the OSS Homeowners Education web page provided by the Washington State Department of Health.


Please see class schedule for location details.

Septics 101 Classes

Thank you for your interest in the Clallam County 'Septics 101' class! It's an enjoyable and helpful class about how septic systems work, and continues to be popular, so classes fill quickly. Please stay tuned to this website for updated information about all class availability.

Remember: Septics 101 is not the training for inspecting your septic system, it is just an informational pre-requisite. There is no test or certificate of completion offered for the Septics 101 class so we request, for their own safety that homeowners wishing to continue with the Septics 201 certification program use the honor system and watch the Septics 101 video first. Those Septics 201 'Do-It-Yourself' Homeowner Training classes are mainly offered online.

Please be aware that even though the law requiring regular septic system inspections is already in effect, Clallam County Environmental Health believes there must be adequate notification and educational programs in place for this program to succeed. We will continue to work on providing training to homeowners and will give ample notice about when active enforcement of the inspection requirements will occur.  Areas of water quality concerns near shorelines and locations where no original septic permit is found on file are beginning to see some septic inspection compliance (SIC) enforcement.

Septics 101 Videos Online through the Department of Health Website
Updated Septics 101 OSS education videos and resource materials are also available on the DOH OSS Homeowner Education webpage. Septics 101 education is a prerequisite for the Septics 201 DIY 'Do-It-Yourself' Homeowner inspection training program. In-person Septics 101 classes will continue to be offered in the future but will be limited by available staff and funding.

Directions to In-Person Classes

For those classes held at Dungeness River Nature Center: (see map) From Highway 101, take River Road exit, follow north to Washington Road and take a right. Take the next left at Priest Road, follow that to Hendrickson Road, take a left on Hendrickson to Railroad Bridge Park (at the end of the road). The Dungeness River Nature Center's address is 1943 West Hendrickson Road, Sequim, phone number 360-681-4076. Please park in the designated parking area near the entrance to the park and follow the signage to the Rainshadow Hall at the River Center.

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