Well Logs

A well log is a form completed by a well driller when a well is drilled, and submitted to the Washington State Department of Ecology

Some of the information found on a well log includes:Well

  • When the well was drilled and who drilled it
  • The depth of the well and how far down water was found
  • The diameter of the well and what it is lined with
  • What types of soil or rock the well goes down through
  • How much water flows from the well

It is good for well owners to have a copy of their well log. It is frequently required for building permits, and other situations which may require proof of drinkable water.  If there is no copy of a well log available for an older well then a bailer or pump test may suffice where the output of the borehole is measured. 

Click here for well log information at the Washington State Department of Ecology or call the Department of Ecology at 360-407-6300.