Jury Duty

If you are seeking information about jury duty in other courts, District Court I may be reached at 360-417-2425 and the Superior Court Jury Clerk may be reached at 360-417-2362.

Juror Information

You have been summoned for a two-week jury term, however, this does not mean you will spend the entire two weeks at the courthouse. Although you are "on-call" for jury duty for any trials during your two week term, District Court II trials are typically one-day trials taking place on Wednesdays only. In the rare circumstance in which the court is required to schedule a trial on a day other than Wednesday, you will be so advised when you call in.

Juror Call-In Procedure

District Court II uses a call-in system with a recorded message to inform you if you are required to appear at the courthouse for a trial. Please listen to the complete message.

Recorded Message

360-374-6383, ext. 307

Call the first Tuesday after 5 pm before your assigned term of service and each Tuesday after 5 pm during your service.

If your call is long distance, provide a copy of your telephone bill to the clerk for reimbursement.

If you have any questions, please contact the court at 360-374-6383.

If you are directed to appear at the courthouse for a trial, please be prepared to supply the court clerk with your round trip mileage between your home and the courthouse for reimbursement. You are entitled to your jury payment, which includes the statutorily set $10 per day plus mileage.