District Court I

About the Court

Dave Neupert, Judge

District Court I is a state court of limited jurisdiction. Seven out of every eight cases filed in all state courts are filed at this level. This is due primarily to the broad jurisdiction these courts have over traffic violations and misdemeanors.

Additionally, District Courts hear small claims and civil suits. Traffic infractions are the bulk of the total court of limited jurisdiction caseload, constituting nearly 60% of the total caseload statewide.

In 2022, District Court I handled over 5,798 cases. These cases include those from the municipalities of Port Angeles and Sequim, as well as Clallam County and the State of Washington. The cases processed include: 3,777 traffic infractions, 162 DUIs, 122 criminal traffic misdemeanors, 709 criminal misdemeanors, 109 civil anti-harassments orders, 823 civil cases and 96 small claims cases. 

Those convicted of criminal cases may be subject to up to $5,000 in fines, a year in jail, or both. Jurisdiction on civil cases is $100,000 and the small claims limit is $10,000. District Court I also has jurisdiction on Civil Anti-Harassment Petitions and Orders.