Air Quality

Several agencies monitor air quality and provide information and assistance. For information about specific air pollutants and monitoring programs, please use the following links.

Outdoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Mold Resources

The Clallam County Environmental Health Department often gets questions about mold and how to remove it. 

Neither Washington State nor Clallam County has laws about monitoring mold or enforcing mold removal. So far studies have shown that identifying the specific type of mold or measuring the amount of mold in the air is not very useful in predicting how harmful it might be. If you have any additional questions, we suggest that you contact the agencies listed under Indoor Air Quality above and if you have health concerns related to mold contact your family physician.

Asbestos Resources

  • Asbestos and Demolition Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) asbestos renovation and removal information. ORCAA issues demolition permits for asbestos removal. If disposing asbestos within Clallam County, please call the Regional Transfer Station for Waste Disposal Application, 360-417-4875.
  • Asbestos Home Page (EPA)

Burning Waste

Burning garbage is illegal in Washington State. In areas outside of an Urban Growth Area (UGA), you may burn natural vegetation, but only if you follow local permitting requirements. The smoke must not bother your neighbors. For information about burning permits, contact ORCAA, or your local Fire Department or District.

  • Outdoor Burning Washington State Department of Ecology
  • Burning ORCAA outdoor burning information and complaint forms.
  • No Burn Areas ORCAA burn ban information.
  • WA Burn Bans Clean Air Stakeholders