Neighborhood Preparedness

Map Your Neighborhood at Lazy Acres

What Is a Disaster?

Disasters, by definition, are events that overwhelm police, fire, and medical 911 emergency responders.

Why MYN?

Map Your Neighborhood helps us organize a timely response to disasters when 911 is unavailable. All of us, working together, can reduce the serious consequences of disaster in our neighborhood.

What Will We Do?

We will learn a 9-step Neighborhood Response Plan that immediately helps us know what to do, both at home and in the neighborhood to respond to injuries, leaking natural gas, and assisting people who may be alone and frightened. The process is proven, fun, and easy.

We will identify the skills and equipment each neighbor has that are useful in effective and timely disaster response. Completing this course will enable us to be a trainer for other groups.


We will go home with the materials to organize and train neighborhood groups, a contact list, and skills and equipment inventory.

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