County Code

County laws are created by Ordinance. Ordinances are adopted by the Board of Commissioners after a Public Hearing and are published in an organized form known as the "County Code." The Clallam County Code page contains links to recently adopted ordinances not yet codified. Interim and emergency ordinances, temporary in nature, are listed for informational purposes. Ordinances granting franchises are not codified.

Recently Adopted Ordinances(s):

Ordinance 1002 - An Ordinance amending Title 33, Zoning, Chapter 33.53, Landscape and Lighting Requirements
Ordinance 1003 - An Ordinance repealing in its entirety Chapter 3/35, of the Clallam County Code, Voters' Pamphlet
Ordinance 1004 - An Ordinance amending Chapter 5.05 of the Clallam County Code, Sales and Use Tax for Chemical Dependency and Mental Health Treatment
Ordinance 1005 - An Ordinance amending Chapter 5.100 Consolidated Fee Schedule - Records Fees 110-A
Ordinance 1006 - An Ordinance amending Chapter 33.57 Signs
Ordinance 1007 - An Ordinance adding a Chapter to the Clallam County Code titled Compost Procurement Policy