How Do I Provide Input?

The Planning Commission wants your input on County land use planning and regulatory issues. In carrying out its duties, the Planning Commission considers public input prior to forwarding a recommendation on an issue to the Board of County Commissioners. The primary method of obtaining public input is through a scheduled public hearing. During a public hearing, both oral and written public testimony is accepted, although the time period that written comments will be accepted may be extended. Other public participation methods (e.g., informational workshops, surveys) may also be used depending on the nature of the issue.

All Planning Commission meetings are open to the public. Outside of scheduled public hearings, most meeting time is dedicated to work session deliberations on active issues. During the work sessions, allowing public comment or questions is discretionary, but a brief public comment period for items not advertised as public hearings is generally provided at all regularly scheduled meetings.

Written comments or questions can be submitted via our online form