Carlsborg Sewer System

Carlsborg Sewer Ordinance

A new Carlsborg Sewer Ordinance went into effect on March 24, 2017 and is now Chapter 13.12 of the Clallam County Code. This ordinance contains information on connection requirements, side sewer use, repair and construction regulations, sewer rates and more.

Connection Policies

  • No new septic systems will be permitted for new development in the CUGA. In instances where it can be shown that this restriction will impose an unreasonable financial hardship a waiver is possible.
  • No current owner of developed property with a properly functioning septic system is required to connect to the new sewer system.
  • New subdivisions must provide sewer laterals (from sewer main to the property line) for each new parcel in the subdivision.
  • Existing developed property within 200 feet of a sewer main must connect to the public sewer system within one year of a change in ownership

Additional Information

For information on permitting, inspection and side sewer installation visit the Permitting, Fee Schedule and Installation webpage or contact the Public Works department.

Note: On the Sewer System Map the green lines show the location of the initial sewer collection system and the red lines show potential future sewer mains.

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