Superior Court


The Clallam County Superior Court is a court of general statewide jurisdiction. Superior Courts are the principal trial courts for the state.

The Clallam County Superior Court also has three subdivisions which provide specialized court services: juvenile court, family court, and our therapeutic courts. These case types are heard in the Clallam County Superior Court and its subdivisions:

  • Criminal felony cases
  • Civil cases (including appeals from administrative decisions, appeals from lower courts and from small claims courts)
  • Domestic cases (Family Law)
  • Probate and guardianship matters
  • Paternity and adoption matters
  • Mental illness filings (ITA)
  • Juvenile dependency filings
  • Juvenile offender cases
  • Truancy cases


Criminal Ex Parte (New Arrests) calendars are heard Monday through Friday at 1:00pm. Click to view the daily calendar

Civil Ex Parte calendar is heard Monday through Friday at 1:00 pm.

Contested motion calendars are held every Friday for both criminal, civil and family law cases.

Bench copies are encouraged for all contested motions. They should be marked "bench copy" with the scheduled date, time of the hearing and the name of the judge who is hearing the matter indicated on the copy. They should be sent to the Superior Court Administration office or dropped off at the Superior Court Administration Window.

Jury Trials Information

Many of the trials heard in Clallam County are trials heard by a jury. If you are selected for Superior Court jury duty, your term will be two weeks.

Rescheduling your jury duty term or other questions/requests regarding jury duty should be directed to the Superior Court Jury Clerk, who may be reached at 360-417-2362.

Prospective jurors should call for a recorded jury message the evening prior to their jury service term at 360-417-2450.

Document Requests

For document requests and filing, contact the Superior Court Clerk at:

223 E. 4th Street
Suite 9
Port Angeles, WA 98362

You can also call the Superior Court Clerk's Office at 360-417-2231.

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