County Clerk of Superior Court

The Clallam County Superior Court Clerk's Office is located in Port Angeles, the county seat. The Superior Court Clerk's Office's primary responsibility is to file and index all records filed for the Clallam County Superior Courts and Family Court. 

Case Types

  • Criminal Felony Cases
  • Civil Filings
  • Domestic Filings
  • Probate/Guardianship Filings
  • Paternity/Adoption Filings
  • Mental Illness Filings
  • Juvenile Dependency Filings
  • Juvenile Offender Filings
  • Judgments

Timelines for Filing & Ex Parte or Motion Calendars

You may click on Clallam County Superior Court Local Rules to obtain information on Filing and Motion deadlines.

We have daily Ex Parte Hearings at 1 pm with an 11 am filing deadline.

Friday Civil and Criminal motion calendars rotate between Judges Brent Basden, Lauren Erickson, and Simon Barnhart. See Trial / Judges Scheduling for which Judge will be on the bench on a specific date and time.

Child Support matters are heard on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month at 11 am. Special Report Mental Health Calendar is on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month at 11 am, and Non-Family Protection Order matters are scheduled at 10:30 am on Fridays.

Commissioner Elizabeth Stanley's Civil Motion calendars are every Friday at 8:30 am for Adoptions, 9 am for Family Law matters, and 1:30 pm for Domestic Violence hearings.

New Criminal cases or "Fresh Arrests" are heard daily at 1 pm. The Clerk's office receives confirmation of these Criminal Ex-Parte matters by 11:45 am on the day of the hearing. You may check with the Clerk's Office or Court Administrator for more information.

The Clerk's Office does not accept Fax or Email Filings.

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