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Cline Spit Community Beach County Park

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  1. Beach Access
  2. Boat Launch
  3. Fishing
  4. Vault Toilet

Cline Spit AreasCline Spit Community Beach County Park was acquired and renovated by Clallam County in 1984. The County negotiated a land trade with owners of the spit, San Juan Farms, Inc., rebuilt the ramp, and parking lot, and installed boundary fencing and a vault toilet with grant funds from Washington State Parks in 1984. The park is approximately 2 acres in size, with the boat ramp providing access to inner Dungeness Bay and 240 linear feet of public tidelands.

Cline Spit is located about a half mile west of Dungeness Landing County Park, off Marine Drive.


Boating, smelting, and windsurfing are the main activities found here. Boats, 17 feet or smaller, and kayaks are launched from here to explore, fish, or crab the inner Dungeness Bay. Enjoy the harmony of the soft surf and gravel crunching under your feet as you walk the shoreline.

Please respect the private property beyond the fence and beyond the private property signs.

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