How is real property appraised?

The Assessor values real property using one or more of the three professional appraisal methods:

  • Market or Sales Comparison Approach uses sales to provide estimates of value for similar properties which have recently been sold. Most residential property is valued using the market or sales comparison method. An individual sale does not automatically establish the value of the property. Multiple sales of comparable properties are used in establishing value.
  • Cost Approach estimates what it would cost to replace an existing structure with a similar one that serves the same purpose, less depreciation. Cost value is added with the estimated land value to get total assessed value. The cost method is most reliable in new construction valuation.
  • Income Capitalization Approach is the process of estimating the value of an income-producing property by capitalization of the annual net operating income expected to be produced by the property during its remaining economic life.

(All approaches to value which apply to a particular property may be used by the appraiser.)

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