Who decides if the road is to be vacated?

The Clallam County Board of Commissioners is empowered with deciding if a road or right-of-way will be vacated. The Commissioners rely on a recommendation from the County Engineer and also on testimony presented at the public hearing which must be held before a road can be vacated. The Commissioners are responsible for protecting the general public's interest, and the approval of a vacation is at their discretion. A favorable recommendation to them from the County Engineer, and the lack of any opposition to the vacation being presented at the hearing, are helpful factors which are given consideration when making this decision.

When "Class C" right-of-way has been vacated by operation of law, or statute, it is generally governed by R.C.W. 36.87.090 and there is nothing further that needs to be done, as this vacation occurred at the State level over 100 years ago (in 1904).

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