How is the County involved in this project?

The County is responsible for providing the property, which will be acquired through the reconveyance process from the DNR per RCW 79.22.300, RCW 79.22.040, and RCW 42.30.060. There are currently no additional County funds approved for any work beyond the reconveyance process. The County's role in this process is to provide the PNSPA with staff assistance during the information gathering process following the reconveyance which will at a minimum include the following:

  1. Preparation of reports
  2. Review EIS and SEPA of similar projects
  3. Provide draft EA and EIS
  4. Assist with correspondence between DNR and other agencies
  5. Review design components and make recommendations
  6. Provide outline of steps to be taken to begin construction

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1. How will the alleged environmental concerns of unsuitability for the proposed site be addressed?
2. How was the rainfall measurement obtained for the area?
3. Is the project financially viable?
4. Will the shooting range curtail existing recreational uses?
5. Will there be enough people using the range to make it a worthwhile endeavor?
6. How is the County involved in this project?
7. Is the proposal consistent with the Washington State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan?
8. What conditions, if any, should the DNR place on the reconveyance to coordinate management, including public use of adjacent trust lands?
9. In a flyer posted at the Sadie Creek ORV Trailhead, it stated there will be a ricochet danger from the shooting range. Is this true?
10. Recently, at the Salt Creek Recreation Area, lead and other compounds were removed from the old military shooting range proving the proposed shooting range is a bad idea. What is your response?