Will there be enough people using the range to make it a worthwhile endeavor?

The PNSPA has provided an estimate based on known firearm ownership indicating a potential population large enough to support a shooting range. The law enforcement and military communities are in need of this type of facility as well.

The numbers supplied by the PNSPA are as follows:

  1. Total National Rifle Association (NRA) members in Clallam (1,840) and Jefferson (666) Counties are 2,506 (2010 figures)
  2. Total hunting licenses issued in Clallam (4,697) and Jefferson (1,049) Counties are 5,746 (2010 figures)
  3. Concealed weapon permits (CWP) issued in Clallam ( 5,888) and Jefferson (2,192) Counties are 8,080 (2010 figures). The Clallam County total represents a 42% increase in permits issued compared to 2001 (4,137 CWPs issued in Clallam County in 2001.).
  4. 11 law enforcement agencies within the Clallam County that total over 4,000 shooters (number of individuals × number of annual visits × number of types of firearms) (2009 figures)
  5. Numerous private and youth shooting and archery clubs

There is no doubt that some cross-over occurs in the groups, but these numbers clearly indicate a large number of shooting enthusiasts live within Clallam County and neighboring Jefferson County.

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1. How will the alleged environmental concerns of unsuitability for the proposed site be addressed?
2. How was the rainfall measurement obtained for the area?
3. Is the project financially viable?
4. Will the shooting range curtail existing recreational uses?
5. Will there be enough people using the range to make it a worthwhile endeavor?
6. How is the County involved in this project?
7. Is the proposal consistent with the Washington State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan?
8. What conditions, if any, should the DNR place on the reconveyance to coordinate management, including public use of adjacent trust lands?
9. In a flyer posted at the Sadie Creek ORV Trailhead, it stated there will be a ricochet danger from the shooting range. Is this true?
10. Recently, at the Salt Creek Recreation Area, lead and other compounds were removed from the old military shooting range proving the proposed shooting range is a bad idea. What is your response?