Can I make a partial payment?

Under state law, any tax or assessment under $50 is due in full on April 30th; otherwise, they may be paid in half installments with the first half due no later than April 30th and the second half due no later than October 31st.

Any amount paid incorrectly will be applied as a partial payment. It is the taxpayer's responsibility to know what you owe. If you choose to pay an amount other than what is showing on you current year tax statement, we will apply the amount you paid to the next due amount. We will not provide additional statements or notices regarding unpaid balances. If the taxpayer does not pay the remaining balance, they will receive a delinquent notice in May and/or November.

To minimize paying an amount in error, please verify the amount due on this webpage (property search) or please call 360-417-2344.

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