All About Soils Evaluations & Site Registrations

A Site Registration is typically the first step in the process of obtaining a septic permit, developing or dividing a piece of land. 

Maintaining Your Septic System

Over 50% of the residents in Clallam County live in homes that are not served by public sewers, but by an On-site septic system. Maintenance of these systems is important if they are to continue to work properly over a long period of time, and in order to protect our health and environment.

On-site Professionals (Contacts & Definitions)

Find a cuPermitsrrent list of professionals operating in Clallam County.

On-site Septic System Permits 

Through the permitting process, the On-site Program works to ensure that septic systems are located, designed and installed correctly following Clallam County Code.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Program

The On-site Operation and Maintenance (O&M) program is a State mandated program to ensure that septic systems are being used and maintained in a way that is safe for public health.

 Septic Permit Info Available Online

Clallam County provides permit information online via the Online Permit System. This allows all kinds of permit information to be more easily shared with the public.

Septic System 'As-Built' Record Drawings

It is important for homeowners and tenants to know where the components of their septic system are located so they can avoid damaging their investment. Knowing where the septic tank and drainfield are also makes it much easier to maintain the system properly.