Document Recording

The County Auditor or Recording Officer is considered the "Custodians of Land Records".

The Recording Division records all documents that affect real property/real estate and maintains them for public record. Documents need to be recorded in the County in which the land or any portion of land is situated.

The significance of recording a document is to give notice of the subject matter of the document to the public. Once recorded, a document becomes part of the official records of Clallam County and is considered a permanent record.

The types of documents recorded are:

  • Real Estate Documents
  • Surveys, Short Plats, Plats, Condos, and Large Lot Subdivisions
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Name Changes
  • Military DD-214

Documents not recorded by the Recording Division:

  • Birth Certificates - Contact the Health Department at 360-417-2411
  • Divorce Decrees - Contact the County Clerk at 360-417-2231

We also administer and issue Marriage Licenses and various other licenses. Please note that the Auditor's Office no longer accepts personal checks

Online Document Search

The Online Document Search is an online information retrieval system. Its primary purpose is to search for and display information about recorded documents in the Auditor's Office. Recorded documents are of "Public Record" and include all Real Estate documents, as well as several other miscellaneous document types. Court documents are excluded from this index.