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Common Questions About Septic System Inspections  

The FAQ’s of OSS Inspections

Installing Access Risers 

DIY Improvements to Make Inspections Cost Less

Maintaining Your Septic System 

Maintenance of On-site Septic Systems is important if they are to continue to work properly over a long period of time, and in order to protect our health and environment. 

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Program

The On-site Operation and Maintenance (O&M) program is a State mandated program to ensure that septic systems are being used and maintained in away that is safe for public health. 

On-site Septic Professionals (Contacts & Definitions) Inspections

On-site Septic System Inspection Status Map (How to Use)

Is your OSS green, yellow or red on our map? 

OSS Homeowner Education Class Registration  

In-person classes offered when funding is available, online classes and certification always an option

Septic Permit & Inspection Info Available Online  

How to find all OSS documentation online

Submit Homeowner DIY Inspections Online  

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Summary of Septic System Inspection Requirements  

When to inspect your OSS by who and why

System Status Reports & Sanitary Surveys

All the different kinds of inspections and when you need what type