What are contested infractions?

If you wish to contest an infraction, the court will set an "in person hearing" before a judge. Please mail in, or bring, your copy of the infraction to the court with this request by checking the Contested Hearing box on the bottom right side of your copy of the infraction. A notice with the date and time of your hearing will be sent to the address you provide directly below the request for a Contested Hearing on the infraction. The request for a Contested Hearing should be received by the court within fifteen days, and must be received within thirty days, of the date the infraction was issued. If you fail to appear for the scheduled hearing the infraction will be deemed to have been committed and turned into the Department of Licensing with a $53 penalty. The penalty can directly affect your driving privileges and may result in collection proceedings.

If you decide to contest in person, you and your witnesses must personally appear in court at the date set. If, after the hearing, the Court finds you have committed the infraction, you will have a right to appeal both the finding of guilt and the amount of the penalty.

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