The Clallam County Prosecuting Attorney's Office is comprised of five separate divisions, which strive to provide the highest level of legal service to the people of Clallam County.

Criminal Division

The Criminal Division prosecutes all felonies in Clallam County. Additionally, this division prosecutes all gross misdemeanor and misdemeanor offenses committed in unincorporated Clallam County and the incorporated cities of Port Angeles and Sequim. This means we handle every type of criminal case. This division represents the interests of the people of the State of Washington by ensuring that offenders within Clallam County are charged with crimes that accurately reflect the offending conduct, and by taking all steps necessary to make sure that the conduct is appropriately punished. The criminal division determines what charges to file, when and where to file the charges, and how best to advance criminal matters to trial. The criminal division recommends punishment if an offender is convicted.

The Criminal Division handles the following case types:

Superior Court

  1. Adult Felony Unit
    The top priority of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office is to take violent criminals off the street and seek justice for their victims. However, the deputy prosecutors assigned to the Adult Felony Unit handle all types of felonies committed by adults in Clallam County, including property crimes and drug offenses. The attorneys assigned to this division are skilled trial attorneys that are committed to making our communities safer and work closely with local law enforcement and victim/witness advocates to accomplish this important goal.
  2. Juvenile Unit
    Our Juvenile Unit is responsible for the charging and disposition of all referrals of criminal conduct (felonies and misdemeanors) by people under the age of 18. The juvenile justice system is oriented toward the rehabilitation of young offenders. Moreover, juvenile law specifies courtroom procedures substantially different from the adult system, and different methods of holding offenders accountable. This specialized unit is housed in the Juvenile Service Center in order to better respond to the specific needs of juvenile offenders and the juvenile justice system. The Juvenile Service Center is located at:

    1912 W 18th Street
    Port Angeles, WA 98363

    See the map for further details.

District Courts

The Misdemeanor Unit is responsible for prosecuting all gross misdemeanor and misdemeanor offenses committed in unincorporated Clallam County and the incorporated cities of Port Angeles and Sequim. Domestic Violence and Driving under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUI) are the two primary areas of prosecution in the Misdemeanor Unit. This unit prosecutes thousands of cases a year in the district courts located in Forks and Port Angeles.

Appellate Courts

The Appellate Unit strives to represent effectively the interests of the State of Washington and advance the rule of law in all Clallam County's criminal cases pending before the intermediate appellate courts and the Washington Supreme Court. This unit is comprised of experienced attorneys that defend criminal convictions obtained at the local level before the appellate courts. However, this unit must take great care when formulating its legal arguments, recognizing that appellate decisions often constitute binding precedents that impact citizens across the state. To this end, the attorneys in this division excel in legal research and writing, and work closely with the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys to coordinate efforts to clarify and advance the law with respect to criminal justice issues.

Civil Division

The Civil Division acts as the law firm representing the County and its agencies. The Civil Division advises and represents all of the County's elected officials and departments on a myriad of complex legal matters. The range of legal representation provided by this unit is expansive and covers virtually every aspect of civil practice. The Civil Division covers a broader range of legal issues than most private law firms. A sampling of some of the many areas within which the Civil Division operates are as follows: municipal governance, employment matters, contracts and agreements, land use, taxes, tort litigation, code enforcement, constitutional concerns, civil commitments, and real estate. The Civil Division also handles all of the Public Records Act requests for the Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

Child Support Division

The Child Support Division is wholly funded by and represents the Division of Child Support of the State of Washington. The Support Division carries out judicial establishment of paternity and child support, enforcements for failure to pay court-ordered child support, and modifications to existing child support orders. The Support Division also represents the State of Washington in collection actions on parents owing a duty of support.

The Child Support Division is located at:

618 S Peabody Street
Suite. G
Port Angeles, WA 98362. 

See the map for further details.

Victim Witness Services Division

The Victim Witness Services Division specializes in ensuring the victim's rights are met according to the Crime Victims Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Our Victim-Witness Coordinator provides support for victims of all crimes committed in Clallam County. Assistance includes criminal justice orientation, acting as a liaison with prosecution, courts and law enforcement agencies. The Victim-Witnesses Coordinator can make referrals to other resources, provide courtroom support, and assistance in seeking restitution and filing for Crime Victim's Compensation.

Support Staff Division

The Support Staff Division is comprised of administrative professionals who assist attorneys in the delivery of legal services. Through formal education, training, and experience, support staff possess knowledge and expertise regarding the legal system and substantive and procedural law which qualify them to do work under the supervision of an attorney. Support staff are responsible for carrying out a variety of day to day functions in the office such as directly assisting attorneys, preparing pleadings and other documents, filing paperwork with the court, answering calls, scheduling appointments, and maintaining case files. Support staff multitask effectively and have strong organizational skills and attention to detail.